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Cold Emailing & Utilizing CRM’s

December 20, 2021
15 min read

How do you manage leads coming from 150 sending accounts?!

This topic was just brought to me by 2 people within 12 hours. Seems worthy enough to put my thoughts/experience down on paper?

Let me start off by saying this…I MAY be wrong (and hope I am)...

I’ve been doing cold email and also developing custom CRM’s since 2013. When I tell you that I personally have built full-blown systems inside of 80% of the known (and unknown) CRM’s, I am not kidding. (well…maybe not 80%, but a TON!)

We’ve built out automated CRM’s in tools like Infusionsoft, GoHighLevel, ActiveCampaign (it has a CRM), Sugar, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Pipedrive, Sales Pipe, Zoho, ZohoOne, Less Annoying CRM, HubSpot, ClickUp, Close, Bitrix24, Copper…probably close to 100 CRM platforms.

My favorite platform to build on now is one of the first I ever tried, Podio. It’s essentially just a ‘platform’ that you can build anything custom that you want on top of it. Nearly ANY automation. It’s freaking ugly, and very annoying to most, but we love it at Leadhype :p

…if you are new to CRM’s….stick to something easy like Pipedrive  (my second favorite if ‘super-automation’ is not needed)


This has always been the challenge….”How do you manage your cold email leads once they start to turn into tasks?!”.

In the perfect world, you would manage these leads in a great CRM. That makes the most logical sense.

If you are using one cold email sending account, that’s fine. Simply ‘connect’ that email to the CRM and off you go…

If you are using 2…or say… 150 emails for one campaign, you’re now in trouble… and here’s why:

The CRM tools are structured for ‘normal’ people. Each normal person (aka ‘user’) has one email account. Also, another concern is if they allowed you to have hundreds of emails inside of one <Pipedrive> account, there’s a possibility that <Pipedrive> would be abused and people would only pay for one user (instead of 150 users).


Our solution to this madness is this:

Create a ‘master inbox’ (forward all cold email accounts to one inbox and reply to leads from one inbox)

Create a Zapier integration to push leads from <G Suite> into a CRM of your choice

Email communication with leads continues in the ‘master inbox’.

Everything non-email, in the CRM

I understand that there are cold outreach platforms like Lemlist and Mailshake (soon OutreachBin I believe) that offer a ‘unified inbox’ solution to view all replies in one location, but these platforms don’t also;

Send e-signable/payable proposals or invoices (and: ‘IF’ proposal isn’t viewed in X days, send reminder SMS/RVM/email/direct mail :p )

Send email newsletters

Have a proper sales pipeline that allows for unlimited automation triggers (If/Then automation)


Create automation ‘logic’ where IF a lead calls on the phone THEN turn off a specific nurture sequence


My conclusion is this….if you know of a CRM that can do any of the above (without paying ‘per user’)…call me asap! If you’re a developer, please build me my dream tool (and also call me asap!)

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