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December 20, 2021
20 min read
Q: Sending Cold Emails on Weekends
Q: What times are best to send emails?
How many emails do you suggest I start with?
How long do I leave warm-up turned on for?
Is it okay to have a ton of cold email domains registered within one google account?
I have old domains, should I use them for cold email?
Forwarding Domains to Your Real Domain
How often to contact a list?
Q: Sending Emails on Weekends


At Leadhype we do not send emails on the weekends for many reasons.

It’s difficult to reach ‘most’ business owners over the weekend. I understand there are some industries such as real estate agents that work near 24/7 - which should be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Most successful business owners, and parents, are not working on the weekends

Mondays are typically very busy for most business owners, and if they are not read over the weekend, your email will likely become buried in their email inbox

For the majority of the population, it’s typical to work during the week and use the weekend to rest, spend time with family and friends, and catch up on chores

Spam associated reasons why to not send emails over the weekend:

In my opinion, sending emails on the weekend is not typical human-like behavior (for most of the population) and can increase your risk of appearing as spam

The more emails that you send that are NOT opened, the more you risk ending up flagged as spam

Most people that send individual emails (not mass emails) have their emails read with a very low percentage of emails that are not opened (meaning: close to 90%+ open rate)

People may get annoyed and feel you are violating their personal time and can be more likely to hit the spam button

Things to take into consideration if you really want to send emails on the weekends:

How large is your list?

If you have a large list and you are looking to get replies as soon as possible

If you don’t mind ‘wasting’ some emails on people that may have replied if you sent during the week

Do the majority of the contacts in this industry work on the weekend?

Will this industry consider it rude to be contacted on the weekend?

Q: What times are best to send emails?


This is a topic that comes up frequently.

For the majority of the campaigns we run at Leadhype, we send emails Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm EST and we do not send on weekends (Should I send emails on weekends? ← URL)

That being said, this is not always the case…

The 3 Types of Sending Schedules I Utilize

Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm

Tuesday through Thursday 8 am to 5 pm

Tuesday through Thursday 6 am to 9 am & 2 pm to 4 pm

** In order of probability of being read **

Topics to be considered when creating your email sending schedule

How large is your email list?

How busy are the people you are looking to contact?

How complex do you want to make your scheduling?

Is your list nationwide or in one time zone?

How Large is Your Email List?

This is the first thing I consider when I create my scheduling..

In my eyes, as I tell clients, there are (2) types of campaigns:

A highly targeted campaign where every contact counts

Campaigns are large and have flexibility

Consider the 2 options above, then consider;

How many emails do we send before we analyze our data? (open rates, reply rates, etc. - can read more about those here - URL LINK UJIJIJIOJ)

Do we have enough contacts to split test the email copy?

How many emails do you suggest I start with?


This question gets asked often.

I typically suggest a minimum of 3 to 5 email sending accounts to get started. More if it’s in the budget.

If you are only sending emails to 25 new prospects per day, and you are just getting started (and may not have the greatest email copy), it may take time to generate calls. We don’t want you to get discouraged!

In one campaign, we generated 30 calls in 3 weeks. It took us 10 sending accounts to do this!

That means that over 3 weeks, each sending account only generated 3 scheduled calls.

How long do I leave warm-up turned on for?


In-house we keep it on for 3 weeks and ramp-up to 30 emails per day.

After 3 weeks of warm-up we send 50 cold emails per day in addition to the 30 warm-up emails = 80 emails/day total.

IF we think the email isn’t perceived to be very ‘spammy’, we may send up to 75 to 100 cold emails per day.

Reminder: Never turn off your auto warm-up, even after the email has been warmed and even though you are sending the campaigns.

Is it okay to have a ton of cold email domains registered within one google account?


Yes, in-house we have hundreds of emails that are managed under 1 email account.

We have not seen any deliverability issues and have had campaigns go as high as 80% open rate.

I have old domains, should I use them for cold email?


Old domains are much better to use for cold emailing.

That being said, please warm them up.

It’s not very human like to not send any emails from a domain, then the next day start sending 80+ emails that have exactly the same content - then getting a  low reply rate.

Forwarding Domains to Your Real Domain


This is called a 301 permanent redirect.

We do this for all of our campaigns.

We have seen 200+ website visits of people who tried to visit the domain!

Whenever possible, we try to redirect them to a sales page that has a video sales letter on it with a strong call to action.

Here are the instructions from Google:

How often to contact a list?


This is another one of those questions that comes up frequently.

What works well for us is to simply send a 2-email campaign > wait 3 to 4 months > then send a new campaign to the same list. If possible, we send ‘relevant content (the offer may have changed).

That being said, people do remember brands.

I sent cold emails to a list using our Flippers Financing branding.

About 3 or 4 months later, we ran an ‘new financing rates’ campaign. Someone replied negatively telling me that they replied and never received a phone call!

Lessons learned; people will remember you, have a memorable company name, properly nurture those leads!

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