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Video Guide

How to Turn On Ease Access

December 15, 2021
1 min and 28 sec watch

First off, log in to your account on
This will direct you to the home page
Click Security
From the security tab, select less secure apps
You will have 2 options here
Select allow
Hit save
Now you are done on the admin settings. Let's move on to the accounts settings
Click the icon on the upper right side.
From the drop down, select Manage your Google Account
This will open a new tab
Select Security
Under security, scroll down until you find Less Secure App access
You will find this turned off. It is the default setting. In order to turn this on like what you see  on the screen, Select Turn On Access
Note that it will ask for your password again. Just retype it and hit click next.
You have now successfully turn on your account’s Ease Access