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Video Guide

How To Setup Your Campaign On Outreachbin

December 16, 2021
3 min watch

Log in to your Outreachbin Account
From the homepage, select Campaign +
Under Campaign + select campaigns
Now select create new campaign
Type the name of your campaign
Then click Next
Now, upload one partition of your clean CSV list
Choose your file
Map contact or list field to your list. Email and Name are the most important ones
Now hit Next
Select Step 1 and then paste your content
If you do not have a follow-up email, yo can delete the rest of the steps, but if you have one, select Step 2 and put your content
Note that your Step 1 and Step 2 must always have the same subject if you want them threaded
Now delete the remaining steps and select Next
Now, check your content carefully. If you notice an error, you can always edit it. If you’re done, select Next
Fill these fields with your desired settings and hit next
Select the account you’re going to use for the email sending, then hit Create
You are now running your own cold email campaign!
Enable Custom domain tracking for better campaign results
Watch the video tutorial and follow the steps.