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Video Guide

How To Setup Your Email Account On Outreachbin

December 16, 2021
2 min watch

Log in to your Outreachbin Account
Select Campaigns
Now you need to connect your Google Account
Select sign in with Google
It will ask you to sign in your Google Account that you will use. Just sign in and select Allow
Now we need to track replies.
If your less secure app access is enabled, just enter your email and password. Otherwise, you need to get your application password.
If you want to use your application password, go to the link provided.
Make sure that your 2-step verification is enabled
Now let’s generate your application password. Go to App Passwords
It will ask you for your password again for security
Under Select App, Select Other
Type any name, then select Generate
Copy the given application password
Go back to outreachbin to paste the application password or your regular password if your less secure app access is enabled.
Enable the warm feature and configure your desired settings. Otherwise, you can just use the default settings.
You have successfully set your account on Outreachbin!