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Scrape Thousands of Emails per Month Without Using Your LinkedIn Account

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We match our private data with public data to give you the best-quality emails possible.

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Better Data = Better Lead Generation = More Sales

Other data platforms focus on building boiler-style sales teams, and contracts that are impossible for you to leave. We focused on building the best data platform possible (with no contracts)

Smart Queue Technology

Want to build a list of hundreds of thousands of contacts? Hate logging in daily to upload a new search?

No need to micromanage your daily limits anymore! ScrapeHype will automatically keep running your search, right where it left off, the next day. Just add searches in advance and we'll do the rest.

Here's How ScrapeHype Works

No Contracts. No Hidden Fees.
Here’s Our Crystal Clear Pricing

When you are ready to start building email lists with ScrapeHype, you have 3 options.

The Silver Package


  per month

  • Estimated 1,250 Emails Per Day
  • 5,000 Sales Navigator Contact Email Lookups Per Day
  • Bonus: 30 Local U.S. Business Owner List Searches Per Day
  • 24/7 Chat Support

The Gold Package


  per month

  • Estimated 2,500 Emails Per Day
  • 10,000 Sales Navigator Contact Email Lookups Per Day
  • Bonus: 60 Local U.S. Business Owner List Searches Per Day
  • 24/7 Chat Support

The Platinum Package


  per month

  • Estimated 10,250 Emails Per Day
  • 50,000 Sales Navigator Contact Email Lookups Per Day
  • Bonus: 300 Local U.S. Business Owner List Searches Per Day
  • 24/7 Chat Support


Place your order by clicking the “Start Scraping Data” button > Sign up to gain access > Click on the ‘Memberships’ tab and choose the plan that is best for you!

  • Sales Navigator - Our platform allows you to build your target audience filters/criteria using Sales Navigator, then you copy and paste the search URL into our platform and click ‘Launch’. From there, we will attempt to generate the email of each contact. We typically find 25% valid emails after 3rd party email verification. Example: You input a search of 1,000 contacts from Sales Navigator. We will generate a spreadsheet of all 1,000 contacts, but roughly 250 will have emails. Unfortunately, there is no tool out there that can generate you 100% of the contacts emails

  • Local U.S. Business Owner Searches - Our platform allows you to generate an email list (and phone number list, including some mobile phone numbers) of llocal, brick and mortar businesses (think: gym owners, nail salon owners, attorneys, chiropractors, general contractors, etc.).

    One Search Credit = One Keyword (example: Chiropractor) inside of One City (example: New York City).

    You can also search ‘Chiropractor’ in up to 1,000 cities at once (but the search will pause, then resume, based on your daily credit limit). Example: if you have the Gold Package, with 60 credits per day, you will be able to search ‘Chiropractor’ in up to 60 cities per day, then the searches will pause, then automatically resume the following day using our Smart Queue Technology.

First, search for your ideal prospect on LinkedIn. Then copy and paste the search link into ScrapeHype. Press the “Go” button. And ScrapeHype uses publicly available data, as well as our internal database in order to build you an email list of THOUSANDS of contacts.

Yes, due to leads changing jobs, deleting their email, etc., it is always best practice to clean and verify your email list using a 3rd party software.

If you need a referral of a quality email list verification software, the most up-to-date information can be found inside of our platform in the ‘Getting Started’ tab once you are logged in.

With the Silver plan, you can scrape 1,250 emails per day, Gold gives 2,500 per day, and Platinum gives roughly 12,250 emails per day. If you want to build a list that exceeds that limit, please schedule a call with Andrew here.

No worries! Email our support at or click here to contact us online and we will answer any questions you may have. You can also book a call with us here.